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Is Spanking an Effective Form of Discipline?

Published by Tamara True on

Is spanking considered a good form of discipline for a child?

Spanking as a good way to discipline is a widely debated topic. Although most experts advise against it, many parents still report spanking as an effective discipline strategy.

So, should you do it?

Yes! You should beat the shit out of your kids when they step outta line.

Okay, that was a joke. But you were thinking about it. You are at your wit’s end and would love to give your kid a good wallop.

Perhaps telling you my spanking experiences will help you make the right decision. Ready? 

I was often spanked as a child and I didn’t like it.

Is spanking an effective form of discipline?c

Grown up rebuking a little child for bad behavior

Common reasons for spankings

• Neglecting chores

• Breaking dishes or not giving them a good scrub

• Not eating my meals

• Hanging out with friends instead of studying

• Telling lies and tattletales

• Getting injured while hanging out with friends

• Getting into fights and arguments

More shocking, I was spanked by members of my community. Say what now?

It takes a whole village to raise a child.

– African Proverb

The quote up top is the reason why.

Once upon a time, I broke a neighbor’s window by accident and a nosey Parker (it wasn’t her window I broke) spanked me for it.

I was affronted and hoped Mama would reprimand her but I got a shocker. Mama thanked her instead and then beat the shit out of me for being an embarrassment to the family.

Trust me, I never broke another window again.

Mama (bless her heart) was a disciplinarian and believed in not sparing the rod.

She had little tolerance for tomfoolery, dillydallying or rascality and she disliked ill-mannered kids.

According to her, manners and discipline not taught early to a child would come back to haunt the parents and she wasn’t having any of that.

So she made sure of the future even then. Her spankings made me smart, intelligent, focused, respectful, helpful and accountable.

Is spanking a good form of discipline for a child?

At this juncture, I will share my childhood spanking episodes and how effectual they proved to be.

Spanking episode #1

As a child, I was very playful and often forgot to do my chores or run errands right.

I went to the pharmacy to get drugs for Mama but on arrival, I forgot some of them. Instead of buying the drugs I remembered, I stupidly went back home to inquire about those I forgot.

Mama gave me a brain-resetting slap and spanked me for my stupidity. Cheeks smarting and buttocks throbbing, I ran to the pharmacy chanting the blasted names like a herbalist preparing a charm.

I learned to think smartly ever since.

Spanking episode #2

I was 10 years old and learning some very big words quickly. I also had a caustic tongue and never hesitated to use it.

My Papa had enough and spanked the nasty out of me. I saw the error of my ways and vowed to never be nasty again.

These mentioned are but a few; I couldn’t possibly write them all here. I would need a whole journal to document my hilarious and not-so hilarious childhood spanking episodes.


Was spanking effective as a form of discipline for me as a child? Well, every time I was spanked, my brain did a hard reset and I almost never repeat a mistake. Did I like spankings? No. But did I become a better person because of them? Yes.

Today, spanking your child is heavily frowned upon and termed ’abuse’. Many parents argue that they didn’t spank their kids and they turned out alright.

Tom Limbert, author of Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time says,

Spanking teaches kids that you can solve things with force and violence.” Not the message you’re trying to impart. On the other hand, “if you want to teach children to solve things by respecting and talking to others, then respect and talk to them,” says Limbert. “Involve them in the solution, offer choices, and give reasons why certain behaviors are not acceptable.

Limbert makes a valid point. You should respect your kids and talk to them. Dialogue should always come first before any sort of punishment.

Many parents lack are guilty of this. As a parent, you should learn to effectively communicate the reasons for disciplining your child. Ignoring this is like a ticking bomb waiting to explode.

Understand that at their tender age, they reason like (the kids) they are and think nothing of their actions. Do you want to be the reason why your child grows up feeling resentful and unloved because you failed to do your job? I didn’t think so.

Finally, I’m not a fan of spanking. I only do so when necessary. So, what do you think? Is spanking your child a good form of discipline? Kindly leave your comments below. Also, do share and subscribe to my newsletter.


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