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Video: Nigerian Instagram Celebrity, Hushpuppi Arrested by Dubai Police

Published by Tamara True on

Video: Nigerian Instagram Celebrity, Hushpuppi Arrested by Dubai Police

Dubai police have confirmed the arrest of Dubai-based Nigerian Instagram celebrity,  Raymond Abbas Igbalode aka Hushpuppi.

He and one Olalekan Jacob Ponle aka Woodbery were arrested with 10 other suspects on allegations of fraud worth N168 billion.

The operation leading to the arrest called ”Fox Hunt 2”, revealed a hidden online fraud network that was committing crimes outside the UAE.

The crimes include: money-laundering, cyber fraud, hacking, criminal impersonating, scamming individuals, banking fraud and identity theft.

Incriminating documents and possessions worth Dh1.6 billion (N168b) were discovered in the raid. 

Reports state that at least 1,926,400 people from different parts of the world were victims of the suspects.

Lt General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-In-Chief of Dubai Police, said the success of the operation is another feather in the cap of Dubai Police.

Hushpuppi became famous for his lavish display of wealth on social media.

Video: Nigerian Instagram Celebrity, Hushpuppi Arrested by Dubai Police

A lover of luxury brands (Gucci especially), he loved to flaunt his luxury collections of watches, shoes, bags, cars, and numerous trips aboard a private jet.

Hushpuppi reading Forbes magazine in a private jet

He was also famous for “peppering” people.

Pepper” or “pepper dem” is a popular Nigerian slang used to shade others.

It means to be extremely successful beyond people’s expectation that they start hating on you.

Not that anyone ever hated on Hushpuppi but he clearly believed so. 
Nigeria Twitter has been on a frenzy since his arrest. While many rejoiced, others condemned the arrest.

Hushpuppi was known for doling out cash and freebies to his followers on Instagram.

So it is obvious why some folks aren’t pleased that he was arrested.

Is this the end of Hushpuppi?

Knowing the UAE’s zero tolerance for crime of any kind, it is safe to assume that he won’t be flossing on the ‘gram for a very long time.

Too bad.



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