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Are You Team Red Pill or Blue Pill?

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Red pill or Blue Pill? Watch this!


Greetings! This is the first post in a new segment of my blog titled “Educate Yourself.”

I’m a truth-seeker and in my truth-seeking journey, I have come across a world of knowledge that has shocked me to my very foundations.

Sadly, the world isn’t as we know it to be. It isn’t what we’ve been led to believe since we were kids. There are horrible truths to this world we live in and I think it’s time people woke up.

It reminds me of The Matrix movie where Neo was offered a red pill and a blue pill. He had a choice between taking either a “red pill” that revealed an unpleasant truth or taking a “blue pill” to remain in blissful ignorance.

Thankfully, he took the red pill and was awoke.

Contrary to popular belief, ignorance isn’t bliss. What you don’t know will hurt you. Knowledge is indeed power!

So, are you team red pill or blue pill?

The red pill is neither pleasant nor palatable; the truth rarely is. The blue pill though is nice and sweet but a lie and a delusion. The choice is yours.

There’s a YouTube channel I came across called “A Call for an Uprising.” I’ve seen some of his content and he does a pretty good job putting the truth out there.

But of course, people like him are called “conspiracy theorists” and crazy. No surprises there.

My question is this: how can all these people be crazy?

There is a truth to every story and I just wish people would listen with an open mind FIRST, then make conclusions after. That’s what a wise person would do.

The Vigilant Citizen (a truth site you should also check out) said,

“To understand the world we live in, we must understand the symbols surrounding us. To understand these symbols, we must dig up their origin, which is often deeply hidden in occult mysteries.

I’ll conclude with the wise words of Confucius. He said,

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.”

It is imperative that we recognize and understand these signs and symbols. Educate yourself today and be liberated, and then try to wake up as many people as possible.

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But for now, watch this video:



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