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Military Police To Prepare For Deployment To Minneapolis

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Military police to prepare for deployment to Minneapolis.

In a rare move, the Pentagon has ordered the Army to put several active-duty U.S. military police units on the ready to deploy to Minneapolis.

Military Police To Prepare For Deployment To Minneapolis

Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

Soldiers from Fort Bragg in North Carolina and Fort Drum in New York have been ordered to be ready to deploy within four hours if called, according to three people with direct knowledge of the orders.

Also, soldiers in Fort Carson, in Colorado, and Fort Riley in Kansas have been told to be ready within 24 hours.

MSN reports that the get-ready orders were sent verbally on Friday, after President Donald Trump asked Defense Secretary Mark Esper for military options to help quell the unrest in Minneapolis after protests descended into looting and arson in some parts of the city.

Military Police To Prepare For Deployment To Minneapolis -

© Carlos Barria/Reuters

The person said the military units would be deployed under the Insurrection Act of 1807, which was last used in 1992 during the riots in Los Angeles that followed the Rodney King trial.

Military Police To Prepare For Deployment To Minneapolis

Julio Cortez/AP Photo

George Floyd, an unarmed black man, died after he was pinned down by police officer Derek Chauvin.

Military Police To Prepare For Deployment To Minneapolis

The video of the handcuffed Floyd dying while Chauvin knelt on his neck sparked outrage in the US over police treatment of African Americans.

Demonstrations are being held across the US demanding justice for Floyd.

A boy holds a sign during a protest in downtown Los Angeles, on May 29.

© Christian Monterrosa/AP Photo

The protests turned violent and on Thursday rioters torched the Minneapolis Third Police Precinct near where Floyd was arrested.

© Eric Miller/Reuters

Mayor Jacob Frey ordered a citywide curfew at 8 p.m. local time, beginning on Friday but thousands of people ignored the curfew to walk the streets and protest peacefully.

© Apu Gomes/Getty Images

Some cars were set on fire in scattered neighborhoods, business break-ins began and eventually there were larger fires.

© Provided by Associated Press

The unrest has since spread across the country, with protests, some violent, erupting in cities including Washington DC, Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver and Los Angelas.

© Pablo Monsalve/VIEWpress via Getty Images

© Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz ordered 500 of his National Guard troops into Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding communities.

© Carlos Barria/Reuters

© Carlos Barria/Reuters

But a Pentagon spokesman said Walz did not ask for the Army to be deployed to his state.


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