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Outrage as NIPOST enforces new charges on courier services

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Outrage as NIPOST enforces new charges on courier services. #saynotonipost trends on Twitter.

Outrage as NIPOST enforces new charges on courier services

The Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST)has increased the cost of licences for logistics and courier companies.

International courier service providers like DHL, UPS and FEDEX, are expected to pay N20m for a new licence and N8m annually.

While those offering national services are expected to pay N10m for licence and N4m yearly for renewal.

Logistics companies operating within regions are expected to pay N5m for licence and N2m annually.

For firms operating within states, the cost of procuring a licence is N2m while renewal costs N800,000.

Courier firms that operate within municipalities are to pay N1m for licence and N400,000 annually.

The license for SMEs is N250,000 while the annual renewal of the licence is N100,000.

The SME category is for small courier firms which have not more than five delivery vehicles.

Outrage as NIPOST enforces new charges on courier services

This is expected to increase the cost of delivered goods as well as online purchases.

Since Covid-19, many firms had to take their businesses exclusively online and depend on courier and logistics companies to deliver goods to their customers.

Lagos and Abuja are famous for courier and logistics companies and are expected to be hit by this unprecedented move.

But NIPOST said that the new charges imposed were part of an attempt to increase its revenue and sanitise the system.

“We discovered that many of the logistics companies don’t even have an address. Many of these firms use motorcycles that are not up to standard. These licenses will ensure that the system is well regulated,” said an official of NIPOST, who pleaded anonymity.

Not surprisingly, many online retailers are outraged and have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to protest this shocking development.

They complained about the government’s lackadaisical and nonchalant attitude towards helping small businesses, and that the government was bent on frustrating them.

They also said that NIPOST had already started arresting dispatch riders and seizing their vehicles.

A Twitter handle, Gidi Traffic, complained bitterly of the recent development. They posted this:

See more tweets:

Government for the people… What a joke.

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Charity · julio 25, 2020 a las 2:03 pm

I am really really really really really really disgusted and very upset with this news. How in the hell do they come up with this policies?? Covid-19 has come, alot of mishaps happened that people have not recovered from; now this.
Nipost, pls send soldiers to kill entrepreneur s already. Why all these gibberish and impossibilities. Just shoot them. Bunch of dimwitted cowards hiding behind power.
#saynotonipost # saynotostampdutyonrent #saynotoidioticpolicies

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